Embodiment Sessions

In a personalized embodiment session, you’ll experience a journey of discovery and actualization through the work of The 360 Emergence.


Together, we’ll help you find your unique path to deeper alignment and personal growth through weaving the tools of meditation, movement, embodied energetics, artistry and ritual.


In these sessions, we boldly explore the frontiers of your self-realization and growth edges. What qualities are you seeking to embrace and embody more fully in your life? We embark on this journey of becoming, together.


Sessions are held online via Zoom (in-person by request). Each session is 60 minutes. Book your free Discovery Call today to get started.

Facilitation Coaching

Delve into the dynamics and structures of holding spaces grounded in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), mindfulness, embodiment and restorative circle practices. Alongside learning education best practices, trauma-informed space holding, and group work techniques, we’ll dive into the inner work that cultivates effective teaching, discovering how your personal growth and embodiment profoundly impacts your role as an leader and facilitator.


This coaching is ideal for educators, guides, and instructors at any stage of their journey, as well as anyone seeking meaningful support in curriculum creation, public speaking, and creating meaningful containers for classes, events, trainings, and retreats.


I work with aspiring, as well as advanced, mindfulness teachers, yoga instructors, business professionals, school teachers, and leaders from all walks of life looking to deepen their offering and service.


Sessions are held online via Zoom (in-person by request). Each session is 60 minutes. Book your free Discovery Call today to get started.

Leadership in Motion: Embodied Teaching and Facilitation Mentorship



Becoming a teacher marks an eternal commitment to being a student. An infinity loop of learning and sharing. Leadership in Motion invites you to embark on this profound path of becoming an embodied facilitator and educator, where the art of teaching reflects the journey of inner transformation.


This mentorship program is an experience crafted for those at various stages of their teaching journey. Whether you’re an aspiring teacher or an experienced practitioner seeking to deepen your impact, Leadership in Motion offers a comprehensive exploration of teaching and facilitation skills.


Delve into the art and science of pedagogy, understanding how to connect with learners and inspire them to thrive. Gain insight into the dynamics of holding spaces based in SEL (social-emotional learning). Learn mindfulness and embodiment practices that you can share with your students, enriching their journey of self-discovery. Discover the power of circles rooted in restorative practices, fostering community and meaningful connections.


Know, this mentorship is not just about teaching techniques; it’s about embodying the teachings. Dive into the inner work that underpins effective teaching, discovering how your personal growth profoundly impacts your role as an educator.


Leadership in Motion goes beyond theory to practicality. Craft and refine your skills in designing impactful workshops, transformative classes, and enriching retreats. The program is tailored to guide and support you as you create your unique teaching offerings, merging your authentic voice with the needs of your students.


Application-based, this mentorship is a selective opportunity that allows us to curate a group of dedicated individuals passionate about evolving as educators. If you’re ready to bridge the gap between teaching and personal growth, to lead from an embodied place of wisdom and authenticity, Leadership in Motion is your invitation to step into the transformative journey of becoming an embodied teacher and facilitator.

Young Women’s Mentorship

Designed to support girls through the mental, emotional, and physical transitions of womanhood, I bring “big-sister” care alongside structured support systems through the tools of social-emotional learning, mindfulness, and trauma-informed practices to help your daughter thrive and shine. Together, we’ll work on building the skills such as emotional regulation, healthy self-expression and communication, confidence and supportive self-image, stress reduction and responsible decision making.


Sessions are held online via Zoom (in-person by request). Each session is 60 minutes. Book your free Discovery Call today to get started.

1:1 Integration Call

Integration is more than just understanding — it’s about embodying your experiences and moving forward with purpose. In this concise yet powerful session, Sarah will guide you through an exploration of your experiences, helping you recognize patterns, bridge gaps, and set a clear vision for your next steps. Come prepared to share, learn, and evolve. Your journey deserves the space to breathe, integrate, and flourish.


Designed for those desiring support after transformative and/or challenging evolutions and experiences.


Sessions are held online via Zoom. Each session is 30 minutes.

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